Front spoiler Vario-X suitable for Seat Leon (KL) 2020- incl. Sportstourer (PU)

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Bilmodel:Leon IV 2020-
RDX Racedesign Vario-X front spoiler suitable for Seat Leon (KL) 2020- incl. Sportstourer. Made of highworthy PU-Rim.

Innovative 3-pieces front spoiler
3-part production, 1-part custom made and ready-made delivery.
Original PUR-plastic material
High-quality product, made in Germany
TÜV-certificate and mounting set included
Easy screw mounting without sticking
Screw assembly exclusively below in the area that isn't visible, so that disassembly is always possible in a few minutes (for example in winter)

- Front spoiler VARIO-X
- TÜV-certification, 100% TÜV tested and approved!
- Mounting accessories
- Installation instructions
VARIO-X article- and quality features:

The VARIO-X is an innovative high-quality product from RDX, made in Germany! This extremely beautifully formed front spoiler is made of high-quality PUR-plastic (Polyurethane). This material is also used in the original version and is extremely unbreakable. The VARIO-X will be delivered unsprayed in black and has a clean, lacquer-friendly surface.

The VARIO-X consists of a middle part and two side parts, so 3-parts. The delivery consists of 1 part and is therefore ready-made. Due to the 3-part manufacture, it is among others easy to realize individual paint-finishes in the simplest way possible. The VARIO-X can be screwed apart in a few seconds. For example, the sides of the VARIO-X can be sprayed in the body color and the middle part in a contrasting color.

Mounting the VARIO-X front spoiler is extremely easy and thanks to the absolutely precise fitting form, you can do it yourself at any time, even without prior knowledge. The VARIO-X front spoiler can easily be screwed under the current bumper with the attached mounting kit. Accordingly, it can easily be disassembled at will, for example in winter, because the screws will be screwed exclusively in a non-visible area. The design of the bumper itself remains unchanged. The VARIO-X gives the bumper, and therefore also the entire car, a sporty, dynamic and lower appearance.

The VARIO-X is TÜV-certified and approved. A TÜV-certification for a trouble-free standard registration at every inspection station (TÜV, Dekra, etc etc) is of course included in the delivery. The VARIO-X front spoilers are 4 cm high. When mounting, spacers can be fitted between the VARIO-x and the bumper, so the depth can be controlled. Different spacers are included.

* A change in depth after registration, requires updating the registration.

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