Autostyle, Armlæn (læderlook), Passer til Renault Express Cargo 2021-

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810,00 kr.
  • Ready made for Renault Express Cargo 2021-
  • Made of imitation leather
  • High-Quality
Bilmodel:Express 2021-

Arm rest Artificial leather suitable for Renault Express Cargo 2021-

Armrests contribute significantly to the driving comfort by enabling the user to support the arm and thus relax and improve posture. In addition, each armrest is equipped with a convenient storage space for items that are easy to keep within reach, such as change, keys or your phone.

AutoStyle armrests are custom made for many types of cars, so you can be sure that this item fits perfectly in your car, without compromising driving safety or the car interior. Moreover, they can be tilted 90° so you can always fold them away if necessary.


It is important that these items are sturdy and can carry some weight. Our armrests are made of hard plastic and the top is covered with synthetic leather, which provides extra comfort and doesn't wear out easily. Additionally, this material often fits well in the interiors of various cars.


Easy to install by using a pencil to put 4 dots on the handbrake console and drilling 4 holes of Ø 3mm (diameter) in these spots. Subsequently you place the supplied screws in the 4 holes and tighten with a screwdriver. (Mounting may differ per car type)

If you would like to have help with installing your armrest, you can always go to your AutoStyle dealer.

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