Solgardiner (bagdøre), Passer til Volvo S60 III 2018- (2-dele)

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Vejl.pris 630,00 kr. Vejl.pris 630,00 kr. 567,00 kr.
  • Ready made for both rear passenger doors
  • 2 Pieces
  • Durable, dirt and moisture resistant material
Bilmodel:S60 2018-

Set Car Shades (rear side doors) suitable for Volvo S60 III 2018- (2-pieces)

Set custom-fit Car Shades for the rear side passenger doors, perfect during beautiful summer weather, long holiday trips and especially pleasant for your passengers. The sun screens keep out the sun and the specially woven cloth structure gives your car a nice discrete appearance, you get the look of tinted windows. You can click the Car Shades simply between the windows frames and take them out again just as easily.

They are the perfect alternative for tinted window foil, blinds and expensive privacy glass because they combine everything in one. The Car Shades keep out the sun but you can still drive with your windows open. So during the warm weather you can let the cool breeze in. Even with a completely open window the sunlight and insects have no chance to enter the car. In cars without air conditioning it is an indispensable solution for sunlight and heat.

Each of these sets consists of ready-made Car Shades for only the rear side doors. The Car Shades are a perfect fit. Because of the durable material it is no problem if you drop moisture, dirt or cigarette ash on them, it is very easy to clean.

The benefits of Car Shades:

  • They have exactly the same dimensions as the window.

  • Easy to apply: with the handy supplied clips you have them mounted in your car within minutes.

  • 2D-Shaped, saving space when storing.

  • Durable, dirt and moisture resistant material. Easy to clean.

  • Excellent protection against sunlight, heat and insects.

  • Your car warms up less quickly from the inside due to the sun.

  • Children's eyes are no longer plagued by the sun.

  • Can be used with an open window.

  • Provides a neat and discrete appearance.

  • Safe Material: the frame is made of light and flexible steel wire coated with fire resistant polyester fabric.

Each set comes with a storage bag and accompanying clips.

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